Developed projects

  • Cyberpunk HDRI's a web page storage for you to get HDRI's from the game.

    The shots are taken with a Cyber Engine Tweak Mod i made myself and a python cron'ed snapshotter, then put together with Hugin

  • Cyberpunk mod's Cyberpunk 2077 mod repository.
  • MlSetupBuilder a web interface for building json version of .mlsetup files.

    download it from Github.mlsetup are bynary files used for by the videogames Cyberpunk 2077 to wisually represent materials on meshes using multilayering

  • Cyberpunk AFTER THE RED utility interface for cyberpunk RPG related session

    It contains a NPC "goon generator", a weapons, armors and cyberware searchable databases and a table initiative generator



Compilable PDF character Sheet for RPG Lex Arcana